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So in the interests of simplicity cosines have not

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Unformatted text preview: ines can cope with every situtation. So, in the interests of simplicity, cosines have not been specifically mentioned here in the early work. Of course they can always be used if wished. Before applying trigonometry to 'real' problems, some thought must be given to the background knowledge needed. The most commonly needed knowledge concerns angles of elevation and depression, together with compass bearings and directions. Then there is the usual assumption that the ground is level and horizontal, and walls and poles etc are vertical. In problems, dimensions must always be borne in mind of course, and units must be consistent. But the usual problems set for pupils do not have inconsistencies in them, and there are none here. (Try putting in a problem about finding the angle of descent of an aeroplane which loses 1000 metres of height along a glide-path of 5 kilometres!) In the graphical work given here, units are not stated at all. Keep in mind there is an order of difficulty for pupils working with trig-ratios. Finding...
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