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The other has two edges measuring 73 and 39 cm

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Unformatted text preview: LNM = 58º ML = 14.8 cm find MN Given triangle ABC has C = 67º B = 42º In triangle ABC A = 56º Given triangle ABC has find B, b, c 7. In the triangle ABC a = 7.4 cm b = 8.9 cm A = 47º. Calculate C. Use a, b and C to find the area of the triangle. 8. Triangle ABC has AC = 3.24 cm, AB = 5.53 cm and ∠ ABC = 32º. Find its area. 9. Triangle XYZ has ∠ XYZ = 71º ∠ YXZ = 33º YZ = 15.8 cm. Find its area. 10. A quadrilateral ABCD has these dimensions AB = 4.1 cm BC = 5.2 cm BD = 3.75 cm Find the sizes of (i) ∠ BDA (ii) ∠ BDC ∠ BCD = 35º (iv) ∠ ABC B 11. A 12. ∠ BAD = 45º (iii) ∠ ADC 55 º 45º 300 metres In the diagram, A and C represent the positions of two boats. They are 300 metres apart and both are racing to reach the buoy at B. Calculate how far each has to go. C An isosceles triangle has two equal angles of 72º and two equal edges of 6.7 cm. Find the length of the third edge. Q 13. The diagram on the right is the plan view of a field. A survey has produced the foll...
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