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To overcome this as far as is practicable all tests

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Unformatted text preview: r as is practicable, all tests are provided in sets of two parallel copies. If these are dealt out properly, then no two adjacent pupils will be working with the same set of figures. Of course, the principles being tested are the same, but it is much easier for an observer to see when copying of that degree is going on. It is clearly not desirable that tests and answers should be openly available from the Internet. For that reason, the file containing those is locked and needs a password in order to be accessed. The file can be downloaded by anyone, but it needs a password in order to open it. The route to that file starts at the bottom of the trol index page under Index to Restricted Files and details about obtaining the necessary password can also be found there. © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:5] T/1 Trigonometry Use Pythagoras' theorem to decide whether each of these triangles is right-angled or not. Drawings are NOT to scale.. 1 2 19 8 3 25 4 13 19 5 28 ? 15 ? ? 12 ? 20 14 7 6 5 73 48 8 41...
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