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Trigonometry Worksheets

Triangle abc has abc 115 ac 763 cm bc 38 cm find

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Unformatted text preview: as LM = 6.3 cm LN = 5.8 cm ∠ LMN = 32º Calculate the two possible sizes of ∠ LNM 11. The goal-posts in Association Fooball are 7.3 metres apart. A player situated 5 metres from one goal-post and 6 metres from the other is about to kick the ball at the goal. Calculate the size of the angle within which the ball must be kicked if a goal is to be scored. 12. Two ships leave the same harbour at the same time. One steams due North for 130 miles, the other on a course of 140º for a distance of 170 miles. How far apart are the two ships after this? 13. Two aeroplanes leave simultaneously from the same airport. One flies due East at a speed of 150 kilometres an hour; the other on a course of 250º at 170 kilometres an hour. Calculate how far apart the two planes are, 2 hours after leaving the airport. 14. A ship leaves port at noon on a course of 070º at a speed of 20 knots. A second ship leaves the same port at 13.30 moving at a speed of 30 knots and heading in the direction of 310º What distance apart will t...
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