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20 France and Jews

20 France and Jews - France and the deportation of Jews...

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11/20/07 France and the deportation of Jews WW11-9/3 france and England declared war 5/1940 France had surrendered because they didn’t want another WW1 believed that if they surrendered there’d be a Franco-german Europe because german would be victorious France split in two, occupied zone =paris and coastal regions France sets up civil government than still governs entire france Agreement Armistice: -hand over any Jews -collaborate together faithfully Belguim and Netherlands also occupied however, France established a new government France has tradition of gov’t changing and multiple constitution almost always after defeat Blame defeat on 3 rd republic (gov’t before the defeat) Morally decrepit New Leader= Petain Vichy gov’t Petain -one head power -but still had group of people making decisions changing the French motto ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity” –to- “work, family, fatherland” None of this was forced, chose to do it for self-interested reasons In 1940 choose to begin legislating against the Jews by the plan for a new nation that vichy embodies: -moral nation -increased birth rate -higher employment -strong French self -stronger economy Vichy and collaboration (competitive anti-semitism)
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