Know how to troubleshoot tcpip problems using

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Unformatted text preview: isting network interface using ifconfig utility. Know how to use telnet and rlogin to connect Linux terminal from Windows machine. Know how to use Netscape and configure Netscape HTTP. Know basic Apache configuration for a simple web server. Know how to configure ftpd for anonymous ftp server. Learn about time synchronization Know how to configure PPP client using netcfg utility. Know how to configure an internal or external modem to connect to an ISP using PPP. Know how to configure SMB to act as a client and server for file and print services Know how to configure NFS as client and server. Know how to configure sendmail using SMTP, POP, and IMAP as a work station and how to modify the aliases file and files. Understand how to turn on and turn off anti-spam. Know how to configure the Linux server to act as a boot and NFS host for Linux clients. Know how to start and stop NFS services. Understand Bootp and DHCP configuration, etc/exports, mounting and exporting file system via NFS. Be able to troubleshoot file locking issues. Know how to configure Linux and NT connectivity using Samba, and IPX (mars_nwe). Know how to configure network printing services, and add/remove local and remote printers. Understand etc/printcap file, etc/host file, lpc, lpq, and lprm. Know how to configure innd (leafnode service). Know how to use xntp and rdate to configure time services. Know how to configure Squid proxy server and web cache. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RH302) System Administration and Security Know how to maintain and preserve the consistency of common configuration files (password, group, hosts, services) using NIS (formally yellow pages - yp). Know RedHat's NIS components. Understand how to modify the etc/nsswitch.conf file. Know the basics of host security. Understand how to modify tcp_wrappers, etc/hosts.allow and etc/hosts.deny. Understand PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) and modifying files in the etc/pam.d/ directory. Know IP aliasing and virtual hosts. Understand firewall policies - elementgs ipfwadm Understand NAT (Network Address Translation), IP masquerading and IP forwarding. Know how to configure routing and static routes and the etc/hosts file. Understand the interaction of PC CMOS clock time and Linux system time. Know how to set up and verify system logging: syslog and klog; /etc/syslog.conf; remote logging; monitoring logs using swatch; managing logs using log rotate. Understand emergency boot procedures. Understand system log entries. Understand how to tailor etc/syslog.conf. Understanding Sgid redhat scheme and cops. Know how to use tmpwatch. Know how to use syslog for debugging and tracking problems. Know how to obtain encryption packages in rpm format. Consider: 1. Import and export restrictions on encryption software 2. The site 3. Validating RPMs with pgp Know how to use linuxconf utility....
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