Red hat linux can use partitions beyond the 1024

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Unformatted text preview: an't boot from them. Before the end of installation, you will be prompted to create a Linux boot disk - a disk that is different from the one created by using rawrite. The bootable disk enables users to access the system at anytime, especially if the normal boot (Create the boot disk after system installation.) Configure a modem during installation. /dev/ttys0 equivalent to COM1, /dev/ttys1 equivalent to COM2. Configure a mouse during installation. If the mouse is a serial mouse, choose the port. /dev/S0 corresponds to COM1, /dev/S1 corresponds to COM2, and so on. Don't select the same port as used by a modem. Set the boot device. If Linux will coexist with other OSs (such as DOS, NT), don't install LILO (Linux Loader) and overwrite the hard drive's MBR (master boot disk). Specify system boot up from boot floppy disk or from LILO. Choose the LILO installation to boot your system in different ways. Install bootloader to MBR vs. First sector of boot partition. process fails. This disk is an emergency boot disk. Configure LILO by modifying the /etc/lilo.conf file. Use the pkgtool utility to install new software, remove existing software, or view installed files in a package. The following services should be turned on for a system to be fully bootable: atd, crond, inet, kerneld, keytable, network, and syslog. Install printers during installation. Specify printer queue (lp by default) and spool directory. Use the X Windows utility - printtool to add, edit, or delete printer after installation. Floppy disk problems - errors such as read error, file not found and tar: read error are disk medium related problems that usually occur on the floppy disk. If so, replace the floppy disk. Hard disk and disk controller related problems - while Linux boots, it runs a partition check. If it does not display correct partition information, check the cables inside you PC and make sure a power connector is connected to each disk drive. Also check the partition table (using fdisk for example). For de...
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