Understand how to modify tcpwrappers etchostsallow

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Unformatted text preview: s. Understand firewall policies - elementgs ipfwadm Understand NAT (Network Address Translation), IP masquerading and IP forwarding. Know how to configure routing and static routes and the etc/hosts file. Understand the interaction of PC CMOS clock time and Linux system time. Know how to set up and verify system logging: syslog and klog; /etc/syslog.conf; remote logging; monitoring logs using swatch; managing logs using log rotate. Understand emergency boot procedures. Understand system log entries. Understand how to tailor etc/syslog.conf. Understanding Sgid redhat scheme and cops. Know how to use tmpwatch. Know how to use syslog for debugging and tracking problems. Know how to obtain encryption packages in rpm format. Consider: 1. Import and export restrictions on encryption software 2. The ftp.replay.com site 3. Validating RPMs with pgp Know how to use linuxconf utility....
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