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Unformatted text preview: HCL. Be familiar with the model and parameter of your hardware devices: keyboard, monitor (horizontal/vertical frequencies), mouse type (serial, PS/2, or bus mouse), protocol (Microsoft, Logitech, MouseMan, etc.), and number of buttons; printer, hard drive (IDE, EIDE, SCSI, Cylinder/head/sector geometry), sound card, video card, PC-Card (PCMCIA) etc. If you have IDE drives, you should check your computer's BIOS to see if you are accessing them in LBA mode. Collect network information: hostname, domain name, IP address, netmask, default gateway, primary and secondary name server, NFS server (optional), FTP server (optional). Be familiar with what packages that Red Hat comes with, so you can choose these during installation. Read the Linux hardware HOWTO (in Red Hat CD:\DOC\HOWTO) to clarify the hardware compatibility issue. Review IRQ settings and plan the IRQ layout. This table lists the standard IRQ layouts: Interrupt Line Device 0 Timer 1 Keyboard 2 Cascade to IRQ9 On some systems, IRQ2 is the gateway to IRQs 9~15; avoid it if possible 3 COM2 Can also be COM4, but only one of the two 4 COM1 Can also be COM3, but only one of the two 5 XT hard disk controller, LPT2 Hard disk interface used only on XTs, or alternatively for LPT2 on the unusual machine with LPT2. This is free on most modern PCs, and is the "catch-all" IRQ for bus mice, sound cards, LAN boards, etc. 6 Floppy disk controller 7 LPT1 8 Clock 9 Possible cascade to IRQ2 Comments May not be available 10 Generally available 11 Generally available 12 Motherboard InPort If your PC/laptop has a built-in mouse port, it probably sits here 13 Math Coprocessor This interrupt is required even if your CPU has a numeric coprocessor built in 14 Hard Disk 15 Unused Generally available Red Hat Certified Engineer (RH302) Hardware requirement for Red Hat 5.x installation: Hardware Device Minimum Suggest Comments Processor i386 SX without X P166 MMX It's hard to find a processor older than a P166 in today's market. 600 MB for a complete installation i386 DX...
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