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Janelle Jee Student ID#: 810584423 Crime in Society - H. Potter Music and Crime Paper Many crime related actions are portrayed in the song, “Dance with the Devil,” by Immortal Technique. The young man described in the song is undergoing very similar experiences to the gang members that we learned about from our guest speaker Terrance Roberts. Many sociological theories of crime are brought out through the lyrics of this song. The song, “Dance with the Devil,” is about the life of a man named Billy growing through the stages of gang life. He starts off with no father which already shows abandonment and several other psychological problems he may have developed. He acquires a thug life dream at a young age, and with the lack of attention from his parents, he turns his dream into a reality by dropping out of school and turning to drug dealing and hanging out in the ghetto. Once he gets caught and taken to prison, he loses the respect and his reputation from his former friends by ratting them out. To get the respect back from his friends, Billy puts on a more impressionable thug persona by stealing and selling more dangerous drugs and tries to become a gang member of a different gang with a bigger reputation. Billy gets rejected and is told that, ‘only a real thug can stab someone until they die, standing in front of them, staring straight into their eyes’ (Immortal Technique). Billy’s greed and dream to become “hardcore” gets in the way of morality and agrees to rape a girl to prove himself. Billy meets the gang around the “projects” at three o’clock in the morning as they see a woman walking across the street alone. To be initiated into the gang, Billy attacks the woman as
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he and the rest of them rape her. Not only does he rape her but he breaks the bones of the woman, torturing her close to death. As the final step of his initiation, Billy is ordered to kill the woman with a gun. He pulls the shirt off of her face and realizes that it is his mother. Feeling pain for neglecting and violating his own mother, Billy takes his own life by jumping off of the building. Terrance Roberts, a guest speaker from the state of Colorado, shared the experiences of his youth associated with gang life. He explained that many of the kids affiliated in gangs had an absence of either one or both parents, and also become gang members to feel a sense of belonging and importance. These are things that Billy relates to. Looking at the situation in a psychological view, Sigmund Freud introduced a theory of psychoanalysis related to a strong effect of early childhood experiences on personality development. In the Positivist School area of crime causation theories, the focus of the criminological study is the criminal. But, “crime is an action into which individuals are propelled by social, economic, biological, and mental forces largely outside their control” (Potter.notes). The criminal causation theory for Billy’s situation seems to have been a social problem. With what
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CRIMEINSOCIETY - Janelle Jee Student ID#: 810584423 Crime...

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