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Only through the rusty hinges and swollen

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Unformatted text preview: LANGUAGE COMPARISON 5. Compare this extract from the section ‘Time Passes’ in Virgina Woolf’s novel ‘To the Lighthouse’ with her description of the drawing‐room in ‘The Lady in the Looking‐Glass’: Nothing stirred in the drawing‐room or in the dining‐room or on the staircase. Only through the rusty hinges and swollen sea‐moistened woodwork certain airs, detached from the body of the wind (the house was ramshackle after all) crept round corners and ventured indoors. Almost one might imagine them, as they entered the drawing‐room questioning and wondering, toying with the flap of hanging wall‐paper, asking, would it hang much longer, when would it fall? Then smoothly brushing the walls, they passed on musingly as if asking the red and yellow roses on the wall‐paper whether they would fade, and questioning (gently, for there was time at their disposal) the torn letters in the wastepaper basket, the flowers, the books, all of...
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