Eng - The Lady in the Looking


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Unformatted text preview: ntal, liberal writers and artists, and married Leonard Woolf in 1912. Together they founded the Hogarth Press. Woolf published many novels and essays which were critically and popularly acclaimed, among them “Mrs. Dallloway” and “To the Lighthouse.” Her writing style is considered modernist, which experimented with the “stream‐of‐consciousness” technique and looked at the emotional and psychological motives of characters. Narratives are uneventful; in commonplace settings she creates a world abounding with visual and auditory impressions. Ordinary places are elevated to reveal another dimension of awareness and the passage of time; at the same time, many of her works show how women were forced by society to allow men to make decisions for them. The onset of World War II and the destruction of her London home in the Blitz brought terrible depression and she committed suicide by drowning in 1941. IDENTIFY SETTING 1. What is the setting of t...
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