Eng - The Lady in the Looking

Whateffectdoesthishaveontheatmosphere ofthestory

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Unformatted text preview: he story? 2. Find examples of the way in which Woolf brings the setting to life, so much so that it almost becomes a character in the story. What effect does this have on the atmosphere of the story? ANALYZE CHARACTER 3. The story gives us both facts and imaginary details about Isabella Tyson. Make lists of both. LEVEL N STORIES OF OURSELVES 4. 5. What conclusion is Woolf inviting us to make about people in general by her revelation of Isabella’s character in the final paragraph? What emotions does the conclusion of the story make us feel for Isabella Tyson? ANALYZE PLOT STRUCTURE 6. Outline the main events of the plot. LESSON 20 Analyze Theme 1. Is there a theme or message in the story? Analyze Title 2. In what ways is the title significant? Analyze Symbolism 3. What does the mirror (looking‐glass) symbolize in the story? Analyze Language and Style 4. The story begins and ends with same clause, ‘People should not leave looking‐glasses hanging in their rooms’. What effect does this have?...
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