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Eng - The Moving Finger student copy

Grancyaspartofherhusbandsgardenof life 3

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Unformatted text preview: effaced ‐ wiped away LEVEL N STORIES OF OURSELVES Daghestan – type of carpet from the East inconscient – inconceivable superfluity – excess empirics – experimental doctors calcining – burning out prognostications – predictions Ganymede – in Greek mythology, a beautiful young man, servant to the god Zeus Pygmalion – in Greek mythology, a sculptor who gave life to his sculpture of a beautiful woman, and then fell in love with her Comprehension Questions 1. Why did the writer feel the second Mrs. Grancy’s death was a huge mistake? 2. What metaphor is used to describe the first Mrs. Grancy as part of her husband’s garden of life? 3. How is the second Mrs. Grancy described? 4. What does Claydon mean when he states that the portrait was Mrs. Grancy? 5. Where did Grancy go to work after his second wife’s death? 6. What did Grancy ask Claydon to do to the portrait? 7. What does Grancy feel his wife would have wished? 8. What did Claydon feel after he had painted Mrs. Grancy? 9. What makes Claydon change his mind and alter the portrait? 10. What did Claydon do to the portrait when he received it after Grancy’s death? 11. 12...
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