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Unformatted text preview: could the narrator not do up his shoelaces? What did the narrator see in himself as a negative part of his character? What does the narrator base his school essay on, which gets good marks? How does the narrator make the characters more authentic and real? Why was the narrator so keen to become an adult? Progress comes to the city in what form? LEVEL N STORIES OF OURSELVES LESSON 11 THE ENEMY Analyze Title 1. Why is ‘The Enemy’ a powerful title for this story? Analyze Theme 2. Is there a theme or message in the story? Analyze Language and Style 3. Naipaul uses a lot of dialogue and local Trinidadian dialect to give an authentic atmosphere to the story. Find examples of the dialect in the text and write them as they would be written in formal English. Analyze the point of view of the story 5. What is the point of view of the story?...
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