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Unformatted text preview: MPREHENSION QUESTIONS 1. What indicates Rosa and Tommy were not making much money? 2. How does Rosa show her domination and control over Tommy when they get married? 3. What group in society is Tommy influenced into hanging around with? 4. Tommy’s uncle Dom was “away” years ago. Where did he go? 5. What secret has Tommy kept from Rosa that he sees as a possible means to escape? 6. What criminal activity had Tommy been involved in? 7. Which events highlight Tommy’s weak character? 8. “Time rotted in him” and “the whole day stank” are what figures of speech? 9. What does Rosa put in the shop so customers can be watched? What does this tell us about Rosa? 10. Why does Tommy hesitate to report the thief? 11. What excuse does the girl give to try to make her mother forgive the theft? 12. “like a grotesqu...
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