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1213 Grade 12 Economics Concept List Periodic T2 Wk11


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Unformatted text preview: .P and exchange rate? Inflation would mean that domestic goods are too expensive compared to foreign products and as a result demand for imports will rise and exports will fall causing a deficit on B.O.P and a depreciation in the local currency as demand falls and supply increases. Unit What is meant by hot money? Page 218 example 3. What is the effect of an increase in U.S imports? Unit 20.2 Distinguish between a debit and a credit item on the B.O.P. Unit 20.2 What types of transactions are made on the current account of the B.O.P? Unit 20.1 What is meant by statistical discrepancy? Page 218 bottom of page What is meant by invisible import and export? Unit 20.1 Effect of international trade on domestic producers in terms of their prices, quality and efficiency? International trade makes the industry more competitive and domestic producers...
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