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(4)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 4

Anneprophesiesherownimminent deathscene 2 richards

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Unformatted text preview: Queen Elizabeth, who is given powerful lines. This builds her up prior to the very important scene she will play with Richard later in the Act (Scene 4). Anne prophesies her own imminent death.Scene 2 – Richard’s paranoia is revealed. Despite being crowned king he doesn’t feel safe. His unpredictability and untrustworthiness are shown by the speed with which he drops Buckingham. There is also a sense of growing desperation in the way he swiftly engages Tyrrel to murder the princes and his plan to murder his wife in order to marry his niece. He has achieved everything he set out to achieve, but it has brought him no happiness. Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why are the women not able to visit the princes? What does Stanley instruct Lady Anne to do? What advice does Queen Elizabeth give to Dorset? Why has Lady Anne not been able to sleep, and what does she think will become of her? What is Buckingham’s reaction when Richard asks him to arrange the two princes’ murder? 1 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. What is Richard’s opinion of Buckingham’s hesitation in replying? Why does Richard spread the rumour that Lady Anne is ill? What is he plotting? Why does Richardwant to marry his niece? Why is Tyrrel summoned? What does Buckingham ask Richard for, and why does Richard refuse the request? What is Buckingham’s final conclusion, and how does he feel? Explain the following quotations: a) “The Lord protect him from that kingly title!” (Scene 1 li 20) b) “A cockatrice hast thou hatched to the world,/ Whose unavoided eye is murderous.” (Sc.1li 55) c) “Ah, Buckingham, now do I play the touch,/ To try if thou be current gold indeed” (li 9 sc.2) d) “Shall I be plain? I wish the bastards dead,” (li 19 sc.2) e) “High‐reaching Buckingham grows circumspect.” (li 33 sc.2) f) “I must be married to my brother’s daughter,/ Or else my kingdom stands on brittle glass.” (li 61 sc.2) g) “…..But I am in/ So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin./ Tear‐falling p...
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