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(3)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 3

He demands hastings head and leaves hastings is left

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Unformatted text preview: him what was about to happen in his absence, and Richard sends the Bishop off on a fool’s errand to fetch him some strawberries. He then leaves himself in conference with Buckingham. Hastings reflects that Richard appears to be in a very good mood, adding that no one’s moods are more transparent than Richard’s. Richard returns with Buckingham and asks what fate should befall anyone who wishes him ill. Hastings says they should be put to death. Richard then shows his withered arm, accuses the Queen and Mistress Shore – a woman both King Edward and Hastings had had relationships with – of causing it by witchcraft, and Hastings of having set them on to do it. He demands Hastings’ head and leaves. Hastings is left to reflect that he has been completely fooled. He ignored Stanley’s dream, he ignored other omens, and now Margaret’s curse has rebounded on him. He prophesies more murders as he is led to his execution. Features: A sequence of short scenes begins here. Short scenes create the effect of seeming to speed up the action. Things start to run fast, before anyone can move to stop them. Questions: 1. What does Rivers claim he is dying for? 2. Why does he call Pomfret a ‘bloody prison’? 3 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What day does the Bishop of Ely propose for the coronation? What is Buckingham’s response to this proposal? Why does Richard accuse Hastings of being a traitor? What are the danger signs that Hastings realizes...
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