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(3)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 3

Riversremembers that king richard ii met his death at

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Unformatted text preview: .” (l. 11) b) “I’ll have this crown of mine cut from my shoulders/Before I see the crown so foul misplaced.” (l. 43) c) “Think you, but that I know our state secure,/ I would be so triumphant as I am?” (l.81) d) “They, for their truth, might better wear their heads/ Than some that have accused them wear their hats.” (l.92) Lesson 13: Act 3 Scenes 3 & 4: The Curse Claims its First Victims Synopsis Scene 3:Rivers, Vaughan and Grey, on their way to execution, tell their guard, Ratcliff, that they are innocent of any wrongdoing, and pray for the preservation of Prince Edward. Rivers remembers that King Richard II met his death at Pomfret Castle, and Grey reflects that they were all cursed by Margaret, and her curse has come true for them. Rivers asks God to remember her other curses on Hastings, Richard and Buckingham. (Actually, she didn’t curse Buckingham, only warned him, but Rivers (or Shakespeare, who was a notoriously careless author) has forgotten the fact). The three men embrace each other and go to meet their doom. Synopsis Scene 4: Hastings chairs the council which is to decide the date of Prince Edward’s coronation. The following day is proposed by the Bishop of Ely, but Buckingham says they should wait for Richard, who is Lord Protector, protesting that he himself is not Richard’s confidante, and therefore does not know what Richard wants regarding the coronation. Hastings says that he knows Richard loves him well, and ventures to suggest that any date the lords propose will be accepted by Richard. At this point Richard arrives. Buckingham tells...
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