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(3)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 3


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Unformatted text preview: godliness of Richard and the womanizing of Edward. Richard comes to an upstairs balcony flanked by two bishops and apologizes for keeping his friends waiting. He suggests that they want to see him because he has offended them in some way. Buckingham says they have come to beg him to be king. Richard thanks them, but refuses, saying they have a king in Prince Edward. Buckingham and the Mayor try to persuade him otherwise. He declines and Buckingham leaves with the Mayor and citizens. After further ‘persuasion’, Richard sends for them again and says that – with extreme reluctance – he will, if they insist upon it, accept the burden of the crown. Buckingham suggests coronation on the following day, and Richard agrees. Features: This scene represents the climax of the first half of the play. The action up to this point has been about Richard’s plots to become king. By the end of the s...
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