(3)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 3

They then easily convince the mayor that hastings was

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Unformatted text preview: he has ignored? Explain the following quotes: a) “Lord Hastings, you and he are near in love.” (Sc. 4, l. 13) b) “And finds the testy gentleman so hot/ As he will lose his head ere give consent” (Sc.4, l. 38) c) “Look how I am bewitched! Behold mine arm/ Is like a blasted sapling withered up;” (Sc. 4, l. 68) d) “They smile at me that shortly shall be dead.” (Sc. 4, l. 107) Lesson 14: Act 3 Scenes 5 & 6: Plans, deceptions and death‐warrants Synopsis Scene 5: Richard asks Buckingham if he is good at acting, because both have parts to play if he is to become king. Buckingham says that he is, and will devote all his skills to Richard’s cause.The plan is to win over the Lord Mayor of London and get him to persuade the common people to back Richard’s claim. Catesby brings the Mayor, and Richard and Buckingham pretend to be going in fear of their lives until their friends arrive with Hastings’ head. They then easily convince the Mayor that Hastings was a traitor and deserved to die, although they hoped that the Mayor would hear his confession before his head was cut off. The Mayor says he believes them and does not need to hear it. He rushes off to share the news. Richard sends Buckingham after him with instructions to introduce to the Mayor and his followers the fact that Edward’s sons are not legitimate heirs to the throne. He suggests that Buckingham should also say that King Edward himself was not ac...
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