(3)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 3

Whenthemayorandothercitizensarrive buckingham asks

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Unformatted text preview: Richard and Buckingham pretend to the Mayor? What does Buckingham allege that Hastings has done? What rumor does Richard tell Buckingham to spread? What is an indictment? What does a Scrivener do? Explain the following quotations: a) “So smooth he daubed his vice with show of virtue” (Sc. 5 l. 29) b) “Yet had not we determined he should die,/ Until your lordship came to see his death;/ Which now the loving haste of these our friends,/ Somewhat against our meaning, hath prevented” (Sc.5 l. 52) c) “…Who is so gross/ That cannot see this palpable device?/ Yet who so bold but says he sees it not?/Bad is the world, and all will come to naught/ When such ill dealing must be seen in thought.”(Sc. 6 l. 10) Lesson 15: Act 3 Scene 7: A seemingly reluctant king Synopsis: Buckingham reports to Richard that his speech to the London populace has not gone well. Despite all his best efforts to blacken the name of Edward and prove the illegitimacy of the princes, the people were largely silent and unmoved. Only a few of Buckingham’s own supporters called out ‘Long live King Richard!’ Buckingham tells Richard that the Lord Mayor is coming to see him, and advises him to ‘play hard to get’. Richard agrees, and goes off to prepare. When the Mayor and other citizens arrive, Buckingham asks Catesby to bring Richard to them. Catesby brings word from Richard that he is busy studying religion, and cannot see them. Buckingham points out to the Mayor the contrast between the...
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