(5)1213 Level N English Richard III Notes Act 5

Hefocuseson thefactthat most of richmonds troops are

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Unformatted text preview: ynopsis: Richmond is woken by his men at four a.m. after a refreshing sleep. He delivers a speech to his soldiers in which he tells them that God is on their side and they are fighting to defeat a tyrant and murderer, ‘One that hath ever been God’s enemy.’ He urges them to fight bravely. In the king’s camp, Richard is worried that the sun isn’t shining. He starts to interpret this as a bad omen, but then reflects that it isn’t shining on Richmond either.Richard directs his forces, urges them not to be frightened by dreams or scaremongering, and then delivers his own speech to his soldiers. He focuses on the fact that most of Richmond’s troops are Frenchmen, and that Richmond himself has spent most of his life in France. He urges his English yeomen to beat them all back to France again. After the speech word is brought to Richard that Stanley has not brought his forces as Richard requested. Richard calls for George Stanley’s head to be cut off, but the execution, on the Duke of Norfolk’s advice, is postponed until after the battle. The battle begins. Catesby recounts how Richard is fighting like a man possessed. His horse has been killed under him, and yet he is doing great deeds on foot. Richard himself enters, calling for a new horse. He says he feels he has killed Richmond five times already. At this point the real Richmond enters. He fights with Richard and Richard is killed. Stanley brings Richmond the crown. Richmond declares his intent to marry Elizabeth of...
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