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Unformatted text preview: during FY 2010. List the number and type of injuries experienced by each group.       II. OSH Initiatives A. Motor Vehicle Safety 1. Number of motor vehicle accidents experienced by employees in FY 2010. Summarize your agency’s motor vehicle accidents during the period. When reporting your results include a discussion that compares your agency’s performance to that of the prior fiscal year.       FY 2009 Number of motor vehicle accidents experienced by employees Number of accidents resulting in personal injury FY 2010 Change                                     2. Seatbelt use. Executive Order 13043 requires seat belt use by federal employees on the job, including drivers and passengers. Describe how your agency promotes compliance with this requirement and tracks the information, including the usage percentage and the number of employees involved in motor vehicle accidents in FY 2010 who were wearing seat belts and the number who were not.       3. Motor vehicle safety and distracted driving Please describe what efforts your agency has taken to comply with E.O. 13513, banning texting while driving, as well as to improve overall motor vehicle safety and decrease distracted driving.       B. Integrating OSH and Emergency Response Please describe how the agency incorporates the safety and health of its employees into its plans for emergency and/or disaster response, continuity-of-operations (COOP), etc. Please provide specific examples of this integration.       III. Employee & Contractor Support A. OSH Training 1. Ensuring staff are trained Describe your agency’s overall plan for ensuring that all staff receive appropriate OSH awareness and hazard recognition information and training.       2. Staff Trained In the table below, list the specific training your agency offered in FY 2010. 6 of 12 Type of Training Provided in FY 2010 1.       2.       3.       4.       5.       6.       7.       8.       9.       10.       11.       12.       13.       14.       15.       16.       17.       18.       19.       20.       21.       22.       23.       24.       25.       26.       27.       28.       29.       30.       B. OSH Conferences/Seminars OSHA is interested in learning about agencies’ plans for OSH conferences/seminars a...
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