BCHE 395-2 2014 Weak Interactions

Hoh keqh2o rearranged keq for pure water at 25c

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Unformatted text preview:   Repulsive force (Steric repulsion) depends on the size of atoms •  ALrac2on dominates at longer distances (typically 0.4–0.7 nm) •  Repulsion dominates at very short distances •  There is a minimum energy distance (van der Waals contact distance) hLp://www.st- andrews.ac.uk/ ~ulf/levvdw.gif van der Waals Interac2ons •  Weak individually –  easily broken, reversible •  Universal hLp://janniele.com/SolidStateChemistry_clip_image006.jpg –  occur between any two atoms that are near each other •  Importance –  determines steric complementarity –  stabilizes biological macromolecules (stacking in DNA) –  facilitates binding of polarizable ligands hLp://www.scidacreview.org/0704/ images/peri06.jpg Ioniza2on of Water •  Water à༎ integral part of cellular material –  Almost all biochemical reac2ons take place in an aqueous environment •  Althou...
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