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BCHE 395-2 2014 Weak Interactions

Hydroxyl ion oh abbreviated to h2o h oh

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Unformatted text preview: Increase in entropy •  Bulk water has liLle order: •  – high entropy •  Water near a hydrophobic solute is highly ordered: •  – low entropy •  Low entropy is thermodynamically unfavorable, thus hydrophobic solutes have low solubility The strength of hydrophobic interac2ons comes from minimizing the order of water molecules POB 2- 7b Amphipathic lipid aggregates that form in water Van der Waals Interac2ons •  Dipoles weakly aLract: –  Van der Waals interac2on •  Van der Waals radius: –  A measure of how close an atom will allow another to approach “Space- filling” models such as this depict Van der Waal radii van der Waals Interac2ons •  van der Waals interac2ons have two components: –  ALrac2ve force (London dispersion) depends on the polarizability –...
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