BCHE 395-5 2014 Peptides and Proteins

change in amino and carboxyl with pep0de forma0on

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Unformatted text preview: spartyl-glycine 8 Your Turn •  A- G- G- I- E- S •  N- terminus? (amino terminus) •  C- terminus? (carboxy terminus) •  6- pep0de? ____- pep%de •  Alanyl- glycyl- ….- serine 9 Pep0des and Proteins: Sum up •  1.) Always two dis0nct ends to amino acid chain –  N- Terminal (NH3+); Amino terminus –  C- terminal (COO- ); Carboxy terminus •  2.) By conven0on, amino acids wriWen and numbered from the amino end (lee side) to the carboxy end (right) •  3.) Change in α- amino and α- carboxyl with pep0de forma0on (except at ends) •  4.) R group does not change with pep0de bond forma0on 10 Pep0des and Proteins •  Pep0des and proteins can be dis0nguished by ioniza9on behavior of their free ends AND R groups •  Characteris0c 0tra0on curves, and isoelectric points: pHi 11 Polypep0des and Protein Problem •  If given a group of amino acid structures, could you link them into a polypep0de chain? •  If given a polypep0de, could you circle the pep0de bonds and draw the free residues? Co...
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