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BCHE 395-5 2014 Peptides and Proteins

pep0de bonds 1st 2nd carboxyl hydrolysis

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Unformatted text preview: of water molecule (dehydra0on) •  α- Carboxyl group 1st amino acid to α- Amino group 2nd amino acid (Polarity or “sidedness”) •  Chain can be lengthened by the addi0on of more residues 4 Modified figure!! Pep0de Bonds (1st) (2nd) - α- carboxyl hydrolysis + α- amino H condensa0on Dipep9de, tripep0de…oligopep0de, Polypep0de! 5 Backbone? N- C- C- N- C- C- N- C… Like a waltz 1- 2- 3… Pep0des and Proteins •  Pep0des are always wriWen and named lee to right from N- terminus to C- terminus •  SGYAL AA1 AA2 AA3 AA5 AA4 6 A pep0de bond is an amide bond formed by the condensa0on of 2 amino acids Amino- or N- terminus Carboxy- or C- terminus 7 Three ways to Write a Name 1. AYDG, a tetrapep0de Aspartate à༎ aspartyl Asparagine à༎ asparaginyl Glutamate à༎ glutamyl Glutamine à༎ glutaminyl 2. 3. alanyl-tyrosyl-a...
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