BCHE 395-5 2014 Peptides and Proteins

1 pep0de bonds within a protein are actually very

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Unformatted text preview: uld you dissect the polypep0de? •  Could you circle the amino and carboxy ends? •  Could you iden0fy the R groups? •  You need to prac9ce drawing out pep9des 12 This has all the elements… 13 Pep0des and Proteins Could you dissect this molecule? What is its sequence? 14 Try these! •  Your full name as a polypep0de –  Cristal Carey, Stefanie Heim, Cynthia Madrid, Adan Magallanes… •  •  •  •  The Cat In The Hat Elvis Lives Mark Twain Elephant R + 3HN M A E L V I S L I V E S R’ COO - 15 Generally, Proteins: MW >10K; 100 to 4 X 104 AA Protein Mass 16 Generally, Pep0des: MW 200- 10K; 2- 100 AAs Pituitary hormone •  Small polypep0des can be of great biological importance Important in scavenging oxygen radicals 17 Pep0de Bonds (L 4.1) •  Pep0de bonds within a protein are actually very rigid •  Each pep0de ‘group’ is locked in “trans” configura0on •  H atom on the amide nitrogen is opposite to the oxygen atom of the...
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