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BCHE 395-5 2014 Peptides and Proteins

Atoms with other atoms in the backbone or side chains

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Unformatted text preview: carbonyl group • All four atoms of pep0de group are in same plane • Allows p orbitals to interact and form par9al double bonds 18 Pep0de Bonds Ÿ༉ Ÿ༉ •  Special structural characteris9cs 1.  Par0al (40%) double bond character 2.  No free rota0on about the N- C bond 3.  Amide nitrogen has no tendency to become ionized or protonated at ~ph 7.0 à༎ delocaliza0on of electrons 19 Pep0de Bonds •  4. Par0al double bonds limit molecular rota9on of the pep0de bonds •  5. Pep0de bond therefore acts as a single planar unit 20 Pep0de Bonds Note C- N is “shorter” Trans configura0on The pep0de group is made u...
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