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BCHE 395-4 2014 Amino Acids

Mnemonic threonine t tryptophan w valine v arginine

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Unformatted text preview: ht by the AromaNc Amino Acids Can actually help quanQfy proteins in soluQon L Fig 3- 6 ~280nm You will have to draw these 20 amino acids for as quiz! And not just based on their names! These amino acids side chains can form hydrogen bonds. Cysteine can form disulfide bonds. Polar, Uncharged R Groups •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Hydrophilic R Groups Serine; Ser; S methoxy R group –CH2- OH Threonine; Thr; T also has –OH Cysteine; Cys; C thiol sulyydroxyl –SH Asparagine; Asn; N β carboxamide Glutamine; Gln; Q γ carboxamide All have side chain groups with unshared pairs of electrons à༎ Nucleophiles (O, S) Acidic or basic? So would expect these to be on the inside or outside of a globular protein? Asp D Glu E NegaQvely, Charged R Groups •  Two carboxyl groups each, 1 amino •  AsparQc acid à༎ β carboxylate •  Glutamic acid à༎ γ carboxylate •  Acidic amino acids – Hydrophobic? Or Hydrophilic? Other ways to group the 20 amino acids…You betcha! Which and how many… … contain sulfur? …have hydroxyl groups? … contain 5- or 6- membered rings? •  … have pure hydrocarbon side chains? •  … have nitrogen in their side chains? •  Which is biggest? … smallest? …most acidic? …most basic? •  •  •  •  hep://decrypthon.igbmc.fr/kd4v/images/web/ amino_acids_chart.gif Any Help In Learning These Liele...
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