BCHE 395-4 2014 Amino Acids

Pk3 pkris for the amino acids with an ionizable r

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Unformatted text preview: Molecules Proves Truly Valuable! EssenQal vs. NonessenQal •  EssenQal amino acids are those that an organism MUST obtain through the diet –  Humans: T, W, V, R, H, K, F, L, I, M, –  These Ten Valuable Amino acids Have Long Preserved Life In Man. (mnemonic) –  Threonine (T), Tryptophan (W), Valine (V), Arginine (R), HisQdine (H), Lysine (K), Phenylalanine (F), Leucine (L), Isoleucine (I), Methionine (M) –  Non- essenNal are those an organism can synthesize Biochemistry only site www.prep4usmle.com/forum/thread/6681/ IonizaQon of Amino Acids (conjugate acid- conjugate base pairs) Ionic Forms of Amino Acids α- carbon Always has two pKs, someQmes has three A ↔ B ↔C IonizaQon of Amino Acids •  Understanding how and when amino acids lose or gain hydrogen ions is important for understanding protein structure •  Each α- COOH, α- NH2 and some R groups have own pK for their protons (H+) Weak acids Conjugate pair Weak bases Conjugate pair Alanine isomerizaQon IonizaQon & Acid/Base ProperQes of Amino Acids DefiniQons! Weak base ß།OH- COO COOH O H 3 l pH OH ion H 3 H Weak acid H2 N H3 N H Conjugate pair H CO COO H3 N H H2 N CH3 Dissolve in water CH A±, or A0 Neutral pH High p COO COOH CO Zwitterion Conjugate pair H N H H3 N H H3 N 2 CH3 CH3 Low pH High pH H+à༎ COO H3 N H Alanine CH3 CH3 CH3 Neutral pHisomerizaQon pH High Low pH CH Neutral Net charges! Amphoteric: dual acid/base nature IonizaQon of Amino Acids zwieerion Net +1 charge (+) A+ Net 0 charge (0) A± Net - 1 charge (- ) A- Each ionizable group on an amino acid has a characterisQc pK value which is the –log of the dissociaQon constant X X X Obnoxious, I say! X X X More simpler- er table Amino Acids/ FuncQonal Groups •  Table of acidic and basic funcQon groups •  Can be Qtrated like a weak acid •  Amino acids have at least two pKs •  Some have 3 Rules for Assigning pKa’s to FuncQonal Groups 1.  pK1 is always the most acidic group (α- carboxyl) 2. pK2 is the α- amino group (not always the most basic group) 3. pK3 (pKR)is for the amino...
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