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Something is missing one more level 1 componentanyone

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Unformatted text preview: on: Teleology: Structure: Func1on: Teleology What is Biochemistry? •  Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of living organisms: It is a descrip1on of biological processes at the molecular level. •  It comprises knowledge of: –  Chemical structure of biomolecules –  FuncGon of biomolecules –  Cellular components and cellular structure –  Chemical reac1ons and interac1ons of biomolecules –  Bioenerge1cs (energy flow in living organisms) Selected for favorable characteris1cs, NOT because of earthly abundance Chemical Founda1ons •  Biomolecules are built from chemical elements •  Biochemists Periodic Table: < 30 elements essen1al for living organisms 4 elements make up 99% of a cell Molecular Structure:FuncGon Rela1onships •  Biochemistry organized into three primary areas •  Structure/Func1on –  Understand chemical structures and 3D arrangements of biomolecules •  Informa1on –  How cells and organisms store and transmit biological data •  Bioenerge1cs –  Descrip1on and understanding of the flow of energy in living organisms Wait! Something is missing. One more level 1 component…Anyone? Biochemist’s View of Life So much life, so licle 1me…How can we learn it all?! Basic Biomolecules •  Nucleic Acids à༎ DNA, RNA (polymers) •  Amino Acids à༎ polypep1des, proteins, enzymes (polymers) •  Carbohydrates (sugars) à༎ sucrose, cellulose, glycogen (polymers) •  Lipids (fats) à༎ triacylglycerols, phospholipids, steriods, HUGELY diverse membership; membranes (NOT polymers, aggregates) •  Alcohol, vitamins, minerals… Is this molecular structure so hard to understand? A enzyme cofactor Biomolecules: Mul1ple Func1onal Groups Some Common Func1onal Groups of Biomolecules (Carbon! Fig 1- 14) •  Lehninger Figure 1- 14: KNOW THEM ALL! Universality of Biomolecules & Metabolic Func1ons •  Cellular composi1on, biomolecule structure/ func1on and metabolic mechanism are conserved throughout life So REVIEW! •  1.) Cells:...
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