BCHE 395-7 2014 Protein III-VI Structure & Folding

Decreased randomness myoglobin 153 free amino acids 1

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Unformatted text preview: by chemicals (organic solvents, detergents), extreme heat, changes in pH, etc. •  Renatura:on: Return to condiNons where naNve conformaNon is stable •  Experiment showed the amino acid sequence alone determines the na:ve conforma:on ß།Reducing agent Protein folding •  Protein folding process is spontaneous (thermodynamically favorable) •  What are the thermodynamic consideraNons in protein folding? •  What are the forces driving spontaneous protein folding? Quick review: Lehninger pp. 22- 24 Driving Forces for Natural Processes Defining Equa:on ∆G = ∆H – T∆S •  Energy available to do work (∆G) (– ∆G), process is spontaneous, thermodynamically feasible (+ ∆G), process is not spontaneous, thermodynamically infeasible •  Enthalpy, (∆H) –  Heat change of the process (+ ∆H), heat (energy) absorbed (breaking of chemical bonds) (– ∆H), heat (energy) released (formaNon of chemical bonds) •  Entropy, (∆S) –  The change in the disorder of the system (+ ∆S), incre...
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