BCHE 395-7 2014 Protein III-VI Structure & Folding

Age become brixle vitamin c very important in collagen

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Unformatted text preview: obular (water or lipid soluble) 7 Structure of Collagen: Fibrous •  Collagen is an important consNtuent of connecNve Nssue: tendons, carNlage, bones, cornea of the eye •  Each collagen chain is a long Gly- and Pro- rich lec- handed helix (III°) •  Three collagen chains intertwine into a right- handed superhelical triple helix (IV°) •  The triple helix has higher tensile strength than a steel wire of equal cross secNon •  Many triple- helices assemble into a collagen fibril Collagen •  The collagen triple helix contains a large fracNon of prolines, 4- hydroxprolines, and glycines (repeaNng units of G- X- Y) •  Fibrils are covalently crosslinked to increase tensile strength •  Crosslinks increase with age à༎ become briXle •  Vitamin C very important in collagen structureà༎scurvey •  See Box 4- 3 Lehninger, pg 128- 9 9 Protein folding What determines 3- D structure of globular proteins? Anfinsen’s Experiment (1950s) •  Denatura:on and Renatura:on of ribonuclease A •  Denatura:on: –  Loss of na:ve conforma:on (II°, III°, IV°) –  sufficient to cause loss of func:on •  Caused...
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