BCHE 395-6 2013 Protein Motifs and Sequencing

structure is thought to reect the evolu1onary fusion

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Unformatted text preview: β barrel) –  Folds are the ter1ary structure of domains and are made up of groups of [email protected] •  Domains are globular clusters –  Usually > 100 aas (and may contain the former) –  OFen [email protected] and comprise a [email protected] segment of the full protein (!) –  Structure is thought to reflect the evolu1onary fusion of [email protected] elements to create novel new proteins 4 Ex. Supersecondary Structure (Mo1fs) βαβ motif β hairpin αα motif 5 Fold α- hemolysin single domain Mo1f β hairpin 6 Ex. Pyruvate Kinase Building complex mo1fs from simple ones: β-α-β loops crea1ng an α/β barrel Fold Mo1f Domain 7 Larger Polypep1des form Domains Domain Page 248 Two Structural Domains of troponin C VV Figure 8- 45 One subunit of the enzyme glyceraldehyde- 3- phosphate dehydrogenase from Bacillus stearothermophilus. 8 Mo1fs and Structural Classifica1on •  Can organize protein data- bases according to hierarchical structure –  Four classes: all α; all β; α/β; and α + β 9 Mo1fs and Structural Classifica1on –  Four classes: all α; all β; α/β; and α + β...
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