BCHE 395-6 2013 Protein Motifs and Sequencing

N terminal sequencing the amino acid is identified

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Unformatted text preview: n Denatura1on Effects •  When proteins unfold and lose II°, III°, IV° structure: –  Decreased solubility (why?) –  Loss of biological ac1vity –  Increase reac1vity of chemical groups masked my unfolding –  Increased suscep1bility to hydrolysis by proteoly1c enzymes –  Loss of crystallibility (I made that word up) 21 2. Cleavage of disulfide linkages Chemical Reac1ons of Amino Acids Reac1ons of R- groups Thiol / sulWydryl group oxida@ons Occurs eukaryo1c in vivo Structural role in many proteins Oxida1on: Can occur in air oxida@on Disulfide bond reduc@on Disulfide linkage: strongly hydrophobic 22 2.  Cleavage of disulfide linkages reversible irreversible 23 2. Cleavage of disulfide linkages Disulfide Bonds and Hair 24 2. Cleavage of disulfide linkages Am...
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