BCHE 395-9 2013 Ligand Binding and Hemoglobin

Myoglobin and hyperbolic curve cooperanve proteins

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Unformatted text preview: with mulNple binding sites ✔ Allosteric protein •  Binding sites must be able to interact with each other ✔ P + nL PLn •  This phenomenon is called cooperaNvity –  Posi<ve coopera<vityà༎ e.g. Hb •  First binding event increases affinity at remaining sites •  Recognized by sigmoidal binding curves –  NegaNve cooperaNvity •  First binding event reduces affinity at remaining sites CooperaNvity •  No ligand: low affinity state stable, flexible sites •  1 ligand bound: stabilizes high affinity conformaNon of flexible sites •  Ship causes changes in the rest of polypepNde(s)à༎ facilitates binding of another ligand •  Posi<ve coopera<vity CooperaNvity: QuanNtaNve DescripNon •  So can we graph binding like we did with a single binding site? –  Myoglobin and hyperbolic curve •  CooperaNve proteins have mul<ple ligand- binding sites (n) [PLn ] Ka = •  Ka becomes à༎ n [P][L] •  Rearrange and find θ •  EquaNon gives a n [ L] Sigmoidal...
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