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BCHE 395-9 2013 Ligand Binding and Hemoglobin

Prevents ecient oxygen binding a genenc mutanon of

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Unformatted text preview: allows for O2 release in the Nssues and adaptaNon to changes in alNtude The Circular Interplay of Factors Associated with Hb in Binding or Releasing Oxygen •  Ques<ons to Ponder: •  Why is the pH in the lungs high? –  What does that do to protonaNon of His HC3? –  How does that help get rid of CO2? •  How does eliminaNng CO2 help O2 binding? •  The reverse of the above, to release O2 in the Nssues? •  How does BPG help in acclimaNzaNon to high alNtude? Hemoglobin Structure and Disease •  Contact regions undergo small changes in posi<on during binding and release of O2 (allosteric) •  ConformaNonal changes due to binding affect the ease of oxygen binding •  A single change to these amino acid contacts can have disastrous effects disastrous 28 Anemias •  HbS (Sickle...
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