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BCHE 395-11 2013 Enzymes Intro

And againand again 9 active site dierent amino acid

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Unformatted text preview: Usually Kghtly bound –  Can be strictly catalyKc or structural 6 7 Enzyme: DefiniKons •  Coenzyme: molecules that are stoichiometric parKcipants in enzyme catalyzed reacKons and are generated by a secondary process –  Example ATP, NADH, FADH •  Holoenzyme: catalyKcally acKve enzyme + coenzyme/cofactor •  Apoenzyme: Just the protein part of the enzyme; not acKve •  Ac8ve Site: region on the enzyme (cle: or pocket) in which catalysis occurs (S à༎ P) 8 Vitamins/Coenzymes You should know these general Coenzyme characterisKcs Yes, we will see them again. And again…….And again. 9 ACTIVE SITE: Different amino acid side chains in the ac8ve site help bind the substrate, while others play a role in the cataly8c process 10 AcKve Site: Cle: or Pocket Enzyme dihydrofolate reductase: (bound) substrate tetrahydrofolate Red (unbound and bound) NA...
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