BCHE 395-12 Enzyme Kinetics I

Rate enhancement of a reacon with an enzyme present

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Unformatted text preview: e quan**es [ET] = Vmax Vmax = k2[ET] k2 •  At any other stage of the reac*on: V0 = k2[ES] [ES] = V0 k2 Michaelis- Menten Equa*on [ET] = Vmax •  Subs*tu*ons! •  [ET] = [E] + [ES] à༎ [E] = [ET] – [ES] [E] = Vmax − V0 k2 k2 k2 [ES] = V0 k2 [E][S] = k- 1 + k2 = KM [ES] k1 VMax [ S ] Vv = 
 0 K M + [S ] Equa*on for a hyperbolic curve Special Notes ♫ •  What does [S] equal if V0 = ½ Vmax? 1 VM...
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