BCHE 395-12 Enzyme Kinetics I

So need to plot inial rates vs s v0 inial velocity

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Unformatted text preview: Kine*cs: Simple, First Order Chemical Reac*ons •  Start with rates of first order chemical reac*on •  S à༎ P with reac*on rate constant k –  k = 1/*me •  Reac*on rate is dependent ONLY on the concentra*on of one reactant [S] •  V = k[S] Enzyme Kine*cs: S ⇌ P •  Since V is dependent on [S] we can measure rates at different [S] •  Problem: [S] is changing through the assay à༎ gets used up! •  So, need to plot ini:al rates vs. [S] •  V0 = ini:al velocity Lines are the V (velocity of reac*on) Enzyme Kine*cs: S ⇌ P •  V0 vs. [S] –  [E] constant •  Vary [S] à༎ Measure V0 and plot •  Vmax is plateau •  So much [S], enzyme working at maximum velocity w༇ w༇ w༇ w༇ w༇ w༇ w༇ Enzyme Kine*cs; Enzyme Catalyzed Reac*on •  Hyperbolic shape of curve à༎ implies a limited number of sites in the enzyme where reac*on takes place •  Once sites are filled, reac*on cannot proceed any faster at constant [E] – Enzyme SATURATION Enzyme Kine*cs: S ⇌ P •  V0 vs. [S] •  Michaelis- Menton enzymes (M- M)à༎ •  Enzymes that have characteris*c hyperbolic V0...
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