BCHE 395-18 2014 Biosignaling II

BCHE 395-18 2014 Biosignaling II

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Unformatted text preview: heart (rate) So, we need introduce nucleo6de structure NucleoGdes and Nucleosides •  NucleoGde = –  Nitrogeneous base –  Pentose sugar (carbons 1’à༎ 5’) –  Phosphate (1- 3) Mono- , di- , tri- •  Nucleoside = –  Nitrogeneous base –  Pentose •  Nucleobase = –  Nitrogeneous base –  Two types (D- ribose in β- furanose form) Learn the numbering of the purine and pyrimidine rings, then remember the subsGtuGon paDerns Nitrogenous Base 2- amino, 6- oxi 6- amino 2- oxi, 4- amino 2,4- oxi, 5- methyl 2,4- oxi NucleoGde Structure A phosphoester linkage at the 5’ carbon of the pentose Base is covalently bound through an N- β glycosidic bond between the 1’ carbon of the pentose and the N- 1 (pyrymidines) or N- 9 (purines) of the base 2’carbon is hydroxylated in ribonucleoGdes, but not in deoxyribonucleoGdes. Other NucleoGdes: Monophosphate Group in Different PosiGons NucleoGdes These are the only two bases you are responsible for knowing Adenine base Guanine base ATP: Adenosine triphosphate γ β α Yeah, just memorize this whole molecule G- Protein Coupled Signaling •  G- Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs): α- helical integral membrane proteins •  G- proteins: heterotrimeric (αβγ) membrane- associated proteins that bind GTP •  G- proteins mediate signal transduc6on from GPCRs to other target proteins (ENZ) •  Second Messengers: affects downstream targets (cAMP) ~1/2 of all drugs on market target GPCRs(!) GPCRs: The Receptors •  ~1000 GPCR in human genome •  Expressed selecGvely (in certain cell types or under certain condiGons) The Cascade (and other adrenergic pathways) uses G- Protein...
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