BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

synthexc detergents sds sodium dodecyl sulfate

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Unformatted text preview: bonds lower melXng point temperatures of lipids Trans Fa"y Acids •  Trans fa"y acids form by par9al dehydrogena9on of unsaturated fa"y acids –  Increases shelf life or stability at high temperature of oils used in cooking (especially deep frying) •  A trans double bond allows a given fa"y acid to adopt an H H extended conformaXon so can pack more regularly and CC show higher melXng points than cis forms –  Vegetable oil à༎ margarine CH2 CH2 cis•  Consuming trans fats increases risk of cardiovascular disease HOOC –  Avoid deep- frying parXally hydrogenated vegetable oils –  Current trend: reduce trans fats in foods (Wendy’s, KFC) HOOC trans(rare) •  Solubility –  decreases as the chain length increases •  Mel9ng Point –  decreases as the chain length decreases –  decreases as the number of double bonds increases Carbon Skeleton Naming Carboxyl carbon labeled #1, next carbon labeled “α” (#2) Count carbons to end (20:) Count number of double bonds (20:5) Count to the first carbon of each double bond (20:5Δ5,8,11,14,17) superscript with a delta •  Omega (ω) last carbon, count up t...
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