BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

Ex ceramide sphingosine amide linked fay acid

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Unformatted text preview: ats Provide Efficient Fuel Storage •  The advantage of fats over polysaccharides: – Fa"y acids carry more energy per carbon because they are more reduced – Fa"y acids carry less water per gram because they are nonpolar •  Glucose and glycogen are for short- term energy needs, quick delivery •  Fats are for long- term (months) energy needs, good storage, slow delivery Membrane Lipids (Polar) •  Contain polar head groups and nonpolar tails (usually a"ached fa"y acids) •  DiversificaXon can come from: ●  ●  ●  •  modifying a different backbone •  changing the fa"y acids •  modifying the head groups Proper9es of head groups determine the surface proper9es of membranes Different organisms have different membrane lipid head group composi9ons Different 9ssues have different membrane lipid head group composi9ons E.) Glycerophospholipids R1 •  Phospholipids: the major component of membranes •  Amphipathic: polar/charged...
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