BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

Major component of other lipids b synthe9c detergents

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Unformatted text preview: charged at physiological pH •  Lipids associate through noncovalent interac9ons –  They clump together in aqueous soluXon driven by entropy (ΔSé༎), the hydrophobic effect, and van der Waals forces between nonpolar tails –  Polar heads tend to associate with water •  Lipids are amphipathic –  Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properXes Hydrophobic tail Biological Lipids •  When lipids are dissolved in water, form a monolayer •  When agitated, they form micelles or bilayer vesicles Lipid ClassificaXon •  A.) FaBy Acids: Carboxylic acids w/long chain hydrocarbons. Major component of other lipids –  b.) Synthe9c detergents •  Energy Storage •  C.) Waxes (water repellents) •  D.) Triacylglycerols: Fa"y acid triesters of glycerol. Fats and oils •  Structural Components of Membranes •  E.) Glycerophospholipids: Major lipid component of biological membranes •  F.) Sphingolipids: Membrane components, many contain sugars, involved in cell recogniXon •  G.) Sterols: Structural membrane lipids, steroid hormones (signaling) A.) Free Fa"y Acids •  Building blocks of natural lipids •  Carboxylic acids with hydrocar...
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