BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

More funcxons membrane structure main structure of

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Unformatted text preview: re: keeps surface of the organism dry •  Prevents excessive we_ng (birds) •  Prevents loss of water via evaporaXon •  Buoyancy control and acous9cs in marine mammals –  Increased density while diving deep helps sinking (just a hypothesis) –  SpermaceX organ may focus sound energy: sound stun gun? More FuncXons •  Membrane structure –  Main structure of cell membranes •  Cofactors for enzymes –  Vitamin K: blood clot formaXon –  Coenzyme Q: ATP synthesis in mitochondria •  Signaling molecules –  –  –  –  Paracrine hormones (act locally) Steroid hormones (act body- wide) Growth factors Vitamins A and D (hormone precursors) •  Pigments –  Color of tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, some birds •  AnXoxidants –  Vitamin E Biological Lipids Carboxyl group,...
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