BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

Can come from modifying a dierent backbone changing

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Unformatted text preview: o first double bond only (omega- 3 fa"y acid) •  •  •  •  Carbon Skeleton Naming b.) SyntheXc Detergents •  SDS: sodium dodecyl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate) C12H25SO4Na –  ionic •  Triton X- 100: non- ionic; (C14H22O(C2H4O)x) –  x =~ 9.5 units C.) Waxes •  Completely water insoluble •  Esters of fa"y acids (C14 – C36) and fa"y alcohols (C16 – C30) •  Energy storage and water repellent Long chain Long chain Lipid ClassificaXon •  Storage lipids à༎ neutral charge and used for energy (Triacylglycerols) •  Structural lipids à༎ polar and used in membranes Be able to condense and hydrolyze into component structures! D.) Triacylglycerols Nonpolar, hydrophobic molecules, ~insoluble in water •  Fa"y acid triesters of glycerol –  Storage form of fa"y acids (free fa"y acids in human Xssues are rare) –  FuncXon as energy reservoirs in animals and plants •  Adipocytes: specialized animal cells for storage of triacylglyerols as oil droplets •  Plants: seeds and cotyledons Esterified onto glycerol backbone Most are “mixed” R1 = saturated R2 = unsaturated R3 = varied F...
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