BCHE 395-15 2014 Lipids

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Unformatted text preview: phosphate group “head” at physiological pH •  Ester linked FA tails R3 R2 Double- tailed phospholipids tend to form bilayers Ex. PhosphaXdylcholine •  PhosphaXdylcholine : major component of most eukaryo9c cell membranes •  Many prokaryotes, including E. coli, cannot synthesize this lipid; their membranes do not contain phosphaXdylcholine Phosphodiester bond F.) Sphingolipids •  Backbone of sphingolipids is NOT glycerol •  Backbone is a long- chain amino alcohol sphingosine •  A fa"y acid is joined to sphingosine via an amide linkage rather than an ester linkage as usually seen in lipids •  A polar head group is connected to sphingosine by a glycosidic or phosphodiester linkage •  The sugar- containing glycosphingolipids are found largely in the outer face of plasma membranes Sphingolipids •  Also have a polar head group and two non- polar tails –  Carbons are sXll named 1, 2, 3 •  Carbon 1 can differ in groups a"ached to the X “head” à༎ X •  Lipids of the nervous system NoXce names associated with nervous system Sphingomyelins •  Ex. Ceramide (sphingosine + amide- linked fa"y acid) + phosphocholine a"ached to the alcohol •  Sphingomyelin is abundant in myelin sheath that surrounds some nerve cells in animals No...
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